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the los angeles police department is expected to hold a press conference, we'll bring live analysis and reaction to the fourth state of the union address. perhaps a bigger story, marco rubio's republican response in what is a very busy news night. police have not officially confirm that had is that of dorner but sources claim, it is in fact him. police launch aid tactical operation on the cabin after a man believed to be dorner barricaded himself inside. police say he never came out of the cabin and a shot was heard inside before the house was engulfed in flames. after dorner reportedly broke nrk a fire broke out and police launched tear gas as part of the operation. dorner founld the cabin after engaging in a gun battle with police that left one one deputy dead, one injured. police had been swarming the mountains of big bear lake since thursday when they found
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his burned out pickup truck in the area, standing by on the phone with the latest on the events, is alicia. >> yes, we're waiting confirmation on whether or not that is in fact krift fern dorner's body inside of the burned out cabin. we're waiting a press conference from the los angeles police department hopefully that will come there from that. as mentioned this culminated south of the big bear lake area when dorner barricaded himself from law enforcement. gunfire was exchanged and time passed. roads in and out of the mountain area were closed. faa shut down the site to media helicopters so as not to give away information to the suspect inside, then, all of a sudden smoke. and a sound of a gunshot, then flames, turned out before arriving here department of fish and wildlife spotted dorn gler a stolen truck and began a chase.
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there was a gun fight before the suspect took off on foot but in the process of attempting to hole himself up, he hit another gun battle with two san bernardino sheriff deputies. one died from the injuries as mentioned. 33-year-old christopher dorner promised in his manifesto he would not be alive to see his name cleared he says he chose violence out of revenge against those who he says contributed to his firing in 2008 and law enforcement in general. during the time he was on the run law enforcement also said dorner held two women hostage as residents here z we're waiting from the los angeles police department. john? >> thank you. by the way we're going to be joining that press conference this, will be the lapd but first joining me now is former lapd detective mark harman. mark i spoke with you today, you were confident that in
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three hours of light that was left when he was in the cabin that that operation would go down. why where you so confident? >> well, because they didn't want any hours of darkness to hinder not only their tactics but to give advantage. we don't know what intelligence was learned perhaps there was evidence he was p wounded i believe he was wounded this that gun battle with the two deputies but you know, it's procedure, sean. they have the best tactical advantage. they know where the suspect s no communications they to make a tactical entry. they did, they shot tear gas in those wood houses. tear gas sometimes ignites a fire, that is how it went down. >> sean: we're going to join the lapd as they begin their press fron frens.
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>> los angeles police department very a couple quick announcements and updates first of all let me say that the hearts of the police department chief beck and men and women of the lapd family good out to the san bernardino sheriffs tonight. we know they suffered a tragic loss. it breaks everyone's heart to know what those officers and families are going through tonight. on behalf of the los angeles police department and chief charlie beck our deepest sympathy goes out to the san bern sheriff's department for their loss tonight. i want to clarify points with respect to the shootout this, is san bernardino county sheriff's investigation them have the lead on this particular investigation. san bernardino county sheriffs suffered a loss when they tried to take this individual into custody. they'll be conducting a follow up into that incident. i'd like to clarify information that has been put out there, rather
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misinformation been put out there. i just got off the phone with the san bernardino county sheriff's department. the cabbin is too hot to make entry. there has been no body located inside that. cabin has not yet been searched because the fire is still too hot as of five minutes ago for anyone to go into there. and reports of a body being found are not true. no body has yet been found in there. any reports that body has been identified as chris dorner are not true no. body has been identified or located. i'm not sure where the information is coming from and how it got attributed to the los angeles police department. your information should be coming out of the joint information center here. any future information coming about that investigation is going to come from the san bernardino county sheriff's department and their public
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information office will be providing that. until we have confirmation that a body was located and b, that that body belongs to christopher dorner the los angeles police department is going to continue on with his protection detail of our officers we're going to continue to provide protection to officers and families that have been identified as possible threats. in addition we're going to continue to provide security to our critical facilities here in los angeles until a body is recovered and that it's determined to be that of mr. dorner so until then, that is as much information as i have. we'll have another briefing tomorrow morning at 8:00 i'll give you an update on anything the los angeles police department or joint task force has to add. information about what is occurring in san bernardino will be coming from san bernardino county sheriff's department. have a quick moment to take a question or two and i have a spanish speaker here that will answer questions in spanish as soon as i'm done. quick questions, one two,, i can answer them.
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>> if someone said it was all clear two hours ago that was a mistake. that burned cabin has not been entered yet. the cabin is too hot as of eight minutes ago for officers to go inside. so we're still in a holding pattern to see if there is a body in there. let me add that recovering bodies out of burned buildings is very difficult and it's difficult to identify the remains of someone in a building and that could take days or weeks to do a dna analysis or dental analysis. >> tell us about the investigation of thousand clues and why you're still chasing down clue autos until mr. dorner has been identified, as either deceased or handcuffs and sitting in a jail we're going to continue as though he's still out there. we just want to make sure and
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on precaution to make sure our officers and sittens in los angeles are safe. >> are you looking for an accomplice? >> as this unfolds anyone who has assisted anymore hiding from the police department assisted him in avoiding capture is criminally culpable. i can assure you the langs police department and district attorney will leave no stone unturned to find out if someone was assisting this man in his terrible crimes. okay? last question. >> we're still on a tactical alert and maintaining high profile in all of our facilities and security in our protected employees i'll turn it over to our spanish speaker for a few moments here. >> sean: a cautious lapd spokesperson wanted to clarify what he described as misinformation. cabin was hoo too hot. nobody entered it until this
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point and nobody has been recovered and not been identified as chris dorner, the shooter, he did confirm another police officer died a san bernardino county sheriff. he talked about jurisdiction in this case being with the san bernardino sheriff's office. so that is the new information there. information coming out all throughout the night that a body was recovered they believe it to be that of chris dorner, welcome back mark furman former lapd detective listed and mentioned in the manifesto. it seemed a little early in my mind, mark, they would have been able to get in there to recover a body that had been out there. so they're acting under aassumption he still may be out there. >> they're just being cautious, it's administration procedure to be cautious until there is confirmation. they weren't there in the operation.
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i suspect that the information is coming from the scene and quite possibly, from people that are staring at the scene. who knows right now, but i think we can presume that there is a body in there and that is chris dorner. >> sean: let me ask you, something he said he was a rank amateur for discussion and plans and manifesto talk. all appeals made by public figures you felt he was acting in a predictable way. something you'd expect a common bank robber in ways you'd expect him to act. explain what you meant by that. >> well, he is not -- he is not demonstrated to really have a tack can i tall superiority in sparksmanship or any kind of position. it's kind of ad hoc he ambush twoz officers in a car, ambushes two unarmed civilians, shoots at polices only grazes
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one officer and flees, disabling a car. in this situation with deputies is a running gun battle. he put him snefl a position of tactical nightmare, a box in open space trying to hold up there. he's acting like any other criminal works kind of a caged animal mentality. shooting in all directions and really not thinking much else. >> it's ashame, too, we had two officers one killed today, one operated on air lifted out of the big bear area that would be the fourth victim now if it was chris dorner they found here. as we look back this, started on super bowl sunday, it seems every step of the way he was a little bit ahead of the opens. they stayed adamant in sticking to that area, seems like everything paid off. they did everything they could and did everything right. do you see anything that -- else they could have done? >> no.
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no. there is no criticism. he had the element of surprise and shock and awe on his side. and. they didn't identify his truck early on. but there is one thing boy like to say, sean, that this example of christopher dorner what he did in the commitment law enforcement men and women are law enforcement this is what they get paid for and they don't get paid enough. instead of second guessing law enforcement, people should start thanking law enforcement this, is what they put up with all the time. >> and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families tonight. thank you for being with us. >> sean: another big story the state of the yun yain dress, marco rubio's response. so what did the average american think that have speech? we head out to jant monica, california.
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frank luntz is standing by with a focus group. very interesting from my perspective. boy argue that that perhaps was the best response to a state of the union address i'd seen. two very distinct visions of america. i'm curious what your focus group has to say. >> i want to go to video first. i want you to seat response that our gruch swing voters reacted to. in particular, deficit. when barack obama said it was not going to add a dime to have deficit there is a positive reaction among republicans and democrats. let's take a look at that clip. >> nothing i'm proposed tonight should increase our deficit by a dime. it is not a bigger government we need but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. that is what we should be looking for. >> there were rare moments when republicans and democrats azbreed i want to ask one
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question. do you believe him that his policies will not add to the deficit? do you believe it?. >> no. no. >> why don't you believe it?. >> look at the deficit. it keeps growing spiralling out of control continuing to grow. i don't see evidence it's going the other way. >> he made a commitment it won't go up. >> he's got to come up with it. >> he said $3,000 for people to refinance their homes we'd get a tax break for that. but he didn't tell us where it's going to come from. >> i believe he is believing what he wants to do. and he wants to do the best thing for the country. he's going to follow that through. >> we have to stop this you and i know when i cut my budget that means i go from 100ses today $95 in the government a cut in budget means we grow 8% instead of 12%. and that kind of language in
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talking like that has got to stop. >> do you agree with that? >> yes. the only cuts that have been made are cuts in growth. there is no cut in the deficit. >> i want to make it clear. how many of you had a favorable reaction to barack obama's speech? raise your hands. this is almost everyone and most of these people voted for mitt rom fwhee. did you like about the state of the union address? >> i liked that he talked about immigration putting people at the back of the line. and so they didn't get prefr yil treatment because they were here. >> i think education starts from education, really. >> one more. >> i like he spoke of bipartisanship and working with congress moving the country forward, working
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together. i believe he means it. >> how many of you believe he means it? that he's going going to be more bipartisan this term than before. >> he means it. >> sean do you have a question for them? >> i do. did they see marco rubio's response? i'm curious. >> yes. you saw the response. by show of hands how many of you had a favorable reaction to marco rubio. very quickly. why so positive? >> owe seemed to reflect american values. what the country is all about. our strength lies in the citizens not the government. >> you cast a first vote this year. >> he's a positive role model. >> would you vote for him? >> yes he was just like me. he came from basic surroundings like i did. and he is believable and humble. >> so it is one of the most positive reactions to a state of the union address though how many of you laughed when he picked up a glass of water?
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>> that is going to be on saturday night live. >> very different competing visions here. you're group picked up on the government fix it first program. the $3,000 mortgage program, invest in education technology, new information. climate change. all of that is going to cost money z rubio is saying government spends too much money and we have $6 trillion in debt since obama has been president. which vision did they like better? considering they liked both speeches? >> which vision is more strongtc
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is. >> oum you have agree with that? two of you? who is going wrong with america? >> not growing there. is no appeal to come together as a group and make it better. >> last -- go ahead. >> we're going broke. we're going have to pay the piper. >> we've got to get out now so fox news can pay it's piper. sean, i thought that this is going to be a very devicive group. they had arguments off camera. but it's -- it's true? >> yes. >> but it's nice to see that both barack obama's case and marco rubio's case, the group can like both presentations of both individuals. >> i like the guy that said pay the piper, i'm worried about our kids and grandkids.
8:22 pm
we can't rob money from them that. is not fair to them. we're going to come back to you, a great group there, frank, i appreciate it z i predict big story of the night is going to be marco rubio's response. we'll have more analysis about tonight's state of the union. we'll check in with ted cruz and watching events out of big bear, california police told us the burning cabin is too hot to search and no body has been identified or located and on this breaking news night make sure to log in to our companion site at hannity live. a lot more is coming up straight ahead. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
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>> nothing i'm proposing should increase our deficit by a dime. it's not a bigger government we need but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in growth that is where we should be looking for. >> that is president obama talking about deficit reduction, i'm almost certain we heard it's a promise he will in no way be able to keep. the reason i say thark i
8:27 pm
predicted head say that tonight just to prepare, let's take a trip down memory lane to see if he's made that promise once or twice or 10 times before. take a look. >> what i've done is propose a net spending cut. every dollar i've proposed i propose an additional cut. so it matches and i want to go through the federal budget line by line, page by page. >> today i'm pledging to cut the deficit by half. by the end of my first term in office. >> i will use money we're no longer spending on war to pay down our debt. >> my plan would cut our deficit by $4 trillion. >> there is no doubt first order of business is going to get our deficit under control. i believe if we can get it solved that i believe we can
8:28 pm
get them. >> what the opt didn't tell you is that federal spending has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> sean: new obama debt? $6 trillion. i knew he'd make that promise, he does it every year, it means nothing. >> i he said nothing he proposed tonight would increase td debt by a dime. he's right what. he proposed tonight would increase the debt by over a trillion dollars. which is done every single year he's been president. when he became president, national debt was $10 trillion, today, it's $16.5 trillion. didn't he did not propose a single spending cut in his speech. >> as our focus group just showed tonight i think the big story is going to be marco rubio's response, i thought
8:29 pm
the best response to a state of the yun yain dress i've seen. and it's very different competing visions in focus group, the people liked overwhelmingly marco rubio's vision for the future of the country. what is your reaction? >> well, marco rubio is a tremendous communicator and a bright star of our party. i think it presented a sharp contrast to president obama. president obama could have tried to reach apros the -- across the aisle to find cooperation to get our economy growing and jobs back. instead he decided to embrace unabashed liberalism. and seems he has no idea how to grow the economy. >> he says deficit reduction is not an economic plan. that is a big quote for the night. we're going to get rid of tax deductions and loopholes. why do i interpret loopholes
8:30 pm
as another tax increase which, by the way he still advocates for? >> last four years, obama policies have not worked we've seen economic growth of 0.8%. he proposed more spending debt, higher taxes and more government control of the economy. >> saddest thing is if policies were adopted it would make it harder for 23 million people out of work to find jobs or young people to come out of school to find a first job harder for hispanics and african americans trying to climb the economic latder to work for and achieve economic dream. these policies don't work and president obama just wants to keep on growing government.
8:31 pm
>> i mean, more oil, that we're manufacturing and taking out of home in 15 years is private land in north dakota where that is happening and then, he said peoples energy bills are lower. does he fill up that big lamb scene we way for? the price of gas is double. it's the nice thing about air force one. americans know when he's elected cost of gas is about a buck 80 a gallon. now, this administration puts every barrier to getting us self shove sent. that would drive for every family in information this makes your daily experience, daily life harder, more challenging and going skill kil job autos expands government and kills private
8:32 pm
sector jobs. >> that is the thing. everybody is about government salvation. government is the answer almost like a drug to him. he keep goesing back and using same talking points and false narrative. you know? balance approach. fair share. we can't cut our way to prosperity. tell me he says they've reduced deficit by $2.5 trillion adding $6 trillion to national debt in 40 years, how do you come up with that washington math? my cal tu later doesn't add that way. >> i'm not nearly smart enough to understand his math. what i know is that spending is out of control, debt, out of control is jeopardizing future for our kids. i've got two little kids two and four, handing them a debt i think is immoral. unfortunately this, is a man who doesn't seem to know where where wr jobs come from. look at his proposal. government is going pick 10
8:33 pm
20r sites and we're going to go create jobs. centralized planning. look at the economies that have done that. soviet union, any time you have centralized government saying we're going to decide what jobs support you get a lot of sol lind dra and sales cronyism. rather than keeping government in check and letting small businesses thrive. that is what made america strong f we don't get growth back none of the problems get solved. that is where our tension is. >> senator, appreciate you being on, thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up tonight the situation in big bear remains uncertain as cabin engulfed in flames is too hot to be searched and the fate of chris dorner remains uncertain at this hour. we head out to california next and more on the state of the union speech of barack obama and also, the response by marco rubio getting a lot of
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the building is still smoldering. i don't know if there is another way. but they're not doing that. not right now. not going enter the cabin. the reports earlier that a body was found inside were unconfirmed and they're still unconfirmed. they'll enter whits safe for them to do so. there are many gunshots out there.
8:39 pm
>> is there tear gas involved in this? >> it's not likely they're going to release detailed information about the fire. and about the -- anything they find until tomorrow. then, i'm not sure how many information will be released. >> i don't know anything else about outside -- i have no idea why they confirmed that. >> is there a belief someone was inside? >> absolutely. we believe that someone was inside and that was the person that stole the vehicle. and fled.
8:40 pm
and ran into the forest and inside of this cabin was engaged in gunfire with our deputy sheriff shot two of our deputy sheriffs and one died. >> there is no indication he escape sntd. >> we believe he was still inside of the cabin, yes. >> the officer came in between the suspect in the house and the cops? >> describe it? yes. >> have they told you?. >> i don't know how many shots were fired if that is what you're asking. very no information about any other person being involved. >> i don't have any more details about what happened. this afternoon, only that the vehicle was stolen from the residents. they described the suspect as looking just like christopher
8:41 pm
dorner. >> did they call 911? i haven't confirmed details only information i can confirm that the vehicle was stolen from the residents is n.big bear. the vehicle that the deputies were looking for when the suspect driver fled from the vehicle into the forest. i'm sure it's been investigated and i don't have details about what occurred there. >> how close is that? to the stand you command center that you had? >> i believe close to the command center there. i don't know the command center had within moved yesterday to the big bear sheriff's station.
8:42 pm
we had reason to believe that that was christopher dorner because the victims of the car theft said that the suspect that stole their car looked like him. and his actions after stealing the vehicle led us to believe stronger that it was him. we have not confirmed that it is him. i don't know how the fire started. the plan tonight is that they have a large crime scene to process and that is what they will begin doing them. have homicide investigation to do and will need a large number of investigators out there to complete this job.
8:43 pm
so... and they're mourning one of their brothers killed today. i don't know when they're going into the house. >> just to confirm the person inside of the house did not escape? >> i -- i -- they have not been inside of the house. >> going back to club drive are we learning more about how long this person believed to be christopher dorner may have been in that house or cabin on club drive? >> very no idea how long he was there. >> when did he -- . >> can does anyone have questions? >> details of the status? cars are towed out behind you. can you tell us what that is? >> i have no idea. >> can whoever called 911 be eligible for the reward? >> i don't know. >> that is a spokesperson for the san bernardino sheriff's department we continue following this story. chris dorner, we've learned from the lapd they clarified what they call some
8:44 pm
misinformation that is that the cabin is too hot to be enter skbrerd no body has been founld or identified we probably won't know a lot more on that situation until tomorrow, they're afraid they think there may be live ammunition inside of the cabin and so they're proceeding with a lot of caution there. also, they released tonight that there was an engagement in gunfire with the sheriffs. we learned today one sheriff deputies was killed. the other remains in critical condition. we'll continue to update the situation if new news becomes available. joining me now danny cullson and former nypd detective. bo, let me start with you. it's too hot. they can't get information this is now a crime scene. >> right. it plays out when the axel of the truck was broken. it's stand to reason his plan was screwed up.
8:45 pm
they found two rifles in the burned out truck. so his position around there only way he would have gotten out if he hijacked another car. now what happens now is that his dental and dna. if that place was burned you're going to have dental records and dna from remains left of him. we have two deputies shot. one struggling for his life, another killed this owe could be the best scenario as far as we're concerned no other lives put into play here because he was going to take out whoever he took out z it's a running gun battle with the deputies. cohave possibly been wounded and then, some talk again tonight confirming about hearing a pop or a shot before the fire. which means he was maybe believing that -- . >> this was the vehicle they're looking for right. right. it's the without speculation high probability this was him inside of there. they did hear gunshots from in
8:46 pm
there. and confirm there'd was an exchange while in there? >> i don't think this is happenstance. this guy was a bad guy killing innocent people. what aggravates me is the they pop up heads like jesse jackson saying he understands how do you understand who two innocent people getting gunned down like that? >> sean: it's a bad precedent. someone like this you could have copy cats. danny you're a former fbi hostage negotiator. when you said the manifesto did you think he was someone anyone would have an opportunity to negotiate with? didn't seem likely to me. >> i commended the rescue team. i'm a tactical person. no. i thought he was going to have to be, going to be a shootout. he was dedicated to what he was going to do which was, and
8:47 pm
act revenge upon any one in a law enforcement uniform, he's making war on the police. the police have to act with restraint. so anyone with a uniform on, he's going kill them. so this is what we're dealing w he's a monster, if he's gone, the world is better off for it. >> what where wur thoughts? >> they did a good job. >> and they, isolated him, contained him. if i had been there i would have put gas in that place. limited ability on your officers they did the right thing at the right time. they also estimate we lost valent police officers here. they handled it perfectly. they should take pride in what they did. >> goes in there, probably started that. >> yes.
8:48 pm
i think in that -- confirm koit have stopped the fire. that occurred there. and there is a combustion there. it could be ammunition went off. anything could have happened you know? something like this that occurred they kill find dna and it just didn't happen someone was shooting out with cops like that. i just get angry because people see this and think i can do this and i get support. how can any human being support the cold blooded murder of a young woman? >> there is a culture out there that we'll discuss tomorrow night on the program. twitter, elsewhere. >> unbelievable. >> think think the guy is the hero. they're getting attention of charlie sheen. >> they're making him like a hero and he's an out and out murderer. that young lady, beautiful
8:49 pm
young lady and her fiancee. i'd like to talk more bit. people can't be accountable for us. you get people standing like that there is no reasoning behind it. >> thoughts and prayers go out to families and police officers and those that lost loved ones. >> i want to go back to the other business news, the president's state of the union address. congressman yours thoughts. i know you stand slitly left of me we have the great comparison with marco rubio's response. your reaction and thoughts? >> first of all when
8:50 pm
considered growth of the debt due to interest no amount of cutting is going to solve thachl we need to take a look at changing our monetary policy. and another thing is that this is government waste money? you bet it does. should we have a tax increase to cover that? absolutely not. we have to think about we can't cut jobs to pay off debt. we need to create jobs so there is more tax revenue coming in. so these are things that no to tax increases and another thing no means testing. and it's rock solid without change autos congressman i agreed with everything you said you're against tax increases president called for more tax increases and just got one. he did talk about going after what he -- his words, wealthy seniors and when he said deficit reduction is not an economic plan, well, debt
8:51 pm
accumulation is robbing from our children that. scares me. >> our economic system money equals debt this, is the problem. people don't think about this, as lng as money equals debt we're borrowing money from china to pursue the war with iraq we're going to have more debt. the compounding interest on the debt is growing so go back to 1913 private ties money supply. put the debt on the government. we've got to take back article 1, section 8 gave the government power to be able to move the economy forward and too spur the private sector. i don't believe in increased taxation to get economy going but have you to look the structure, sean, in order to have a sane discussion about this. >> you know, why did i miss this in the campaign trail? i might have been a bigger
8:52 pm
supporter. let me ask you what you thought of what i think is going to be a big story of the night. the republican response by marco rubio. what were your thoughts? >> i was on my way to the studio when -- . >> you miss that had part. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear it it's fair. i know it's late. thank you for being with us, appreciate it. >> good to be with you, sean, thank you. >> sean: we're going to have more on the state of the yun skbrin reaction from former new hampshire governor john sinunu. stay with us ton this very busy breaking news night tonight on "hannity". you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
8:53 pm
siemens. answers.
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tonight a propose a fix it first program to put people to work as soon as possible on urgent repairs like 70,000 bridges across the country. >> more government spending welcome back to "hannity". that is the president talking about getting americans back to work. i can't help but think this sounds like not so
8:57 pm
shovel-ready jobs the president joked about that never came to fruition. here with reaction former new hampshire governor john sinunu. governor, let me play a quickmont yablg. i figured he'd been talking about jobs let's take a look at the time line he's talked about jobs a lot. but 8.3s million fewer americans nrt labor force now. so let's take a trip down memory lane. >> it it calls for action, bold and swift and we'll act to create new jobs i'm not going rest until every american working for work with find a job. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. that is why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> in 22 months with businesses created more than
8:58 pm
three million jobs. last year they created most jobs since 2005. american manufacturing are hiring again, creating jobs for the first time since late 1990s. >> that figure is higher we don't count a lot of people because they can't find work. we stopped counting them. governor, how are you? >> i'm fine this, is just another commitment to big government speeches. he doesn't understand what moves the question. he makes a reference for jack kennedy calling for cooperation. he also called fofr tax cuts not increases. the president talked about tax reform. the way he talked about it it's an excuse for tax increases he has no sense of what happened last last
8:59 pm
quarter if it could tax again it's going to be a recession over again. 8% unemployment. if you count people that quit looking it's more 10% or 11%. all he does is build up government at the expense of the private sector. >> i went through a montage. he talked about debt and budget and spending and going back to february, 2009. looking to cut the deficit in half on the first term. i mean, he's given us $2 trillion cronyism in eight years. >> the problem we have is that he doesn't understand if you want to deal with spending and income you have to have a budget. he's not proposed to pass the budget in four years. how is that possible? >> well

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